Custom Handmade Jewelry: Is it Worth The Investment?

Custom Handmade Jewelry: Is it Worth The Investment?

When you are looking to purchase a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet are you also thinking about the investment of your purchase? 

If you’re shopping at Emily Amey Jewelry, monetary investment probably isn’t at the top of your list. You are searching for that piece that resonates with who you are at your core. You’re drawn to jewelry that uniquely expresses your look, taste, style, and - in our case- your essence. These are all beautiful things, however, there are several unique benefits that come with purchasing custom handmade jewelry. When you purchase custom handmade jewelry from Emily Amey, you are investing in so much more. 

Heirloom Quality Jewelry 

Every unique piece of handmade jewelry from Emily Amey is of heirloom quality. That means that each piece is handcrafted, by one of our highly skilled artisans and can be proudly passed through generations for years to come. Future heirlooms are priceless in monetary value, because they are a tangible link between your family members and yourself. Have you ever looked at a piece of jewelry from your grandmother and somehow saw a glimpse into her soul? There is something about the jewelry a woman chooses that speaks of her deeper being. 

Choosing Emily Amey Jewelry Is an Investment in the Planet 

Emily travels the globe in search of ethically and sustainably sourced gems. Many of the materials used in creating our jewelry are from repurposed or recycled fine metals and stonWhenever we can incorporate high-quality repurposed materials, no new mining is needed in creating our jewelry. This sustainable approach is very impes.  ortant to who we are as artists, business women and mothers. Investing in our planet is always a priority. 

For Women By Women 

From emerald and opal jewelry to colored stone engagement rings, each piece created at Emily Amey is handcrafted by women artisans in our Tarrytown, NY studio. We are the preeminent brand of luxury handcrafted jewelry made for women, by women. 

As a woman-owned and operated small business, we strive to empower female artists to harness their knowledge, creativity, and skillset to provide clients with the most unique and beautiful handmade jewelry on the market.  An investment in women-owned businesses and women artisans is something that resonates with all of our esteemed clients.

Monetary Value 

Although we like to look at our jewelry pieces as so much more than just jewelry items, we don't want to overlook the value of a rare stone and design. Our designs hold their quality and value better than your run-of-the-mill big chain jewelry pieces. We source better quality colored gemstones and diamonds than mass market chain retailers. So not only does our custom handmade jewelry have current monetary value, but it also holds value in the prestige of being a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Investment In Yourself 

When you choose a piece of jewelry that is handcrafted just for you, resonates with who you are, you are telling yourself that you are worthy, loved, and worth the investment. This speaks volumes to your inner well-being and will make you feel good about treating yourself for years to come. Because, you ARE worth it!

Investment in the One You Love 

Selecting a piece of handmade jewelry as unique as the one you love is a beautiful testament of your dedication and love for her. We create one-of-a-kind pieces that your beloved will wear for the rest of her life. Pieces that only someone who knows her well would select. 

We don’t mass-produce designs that thousands of other women have. In order to choose the perfect piece, you need to know her style, essence, and desires. This process in itself speaks of the investment you are making to your relationship. 

Investment in a Company That You Can Believe In 

Since 2005, Emily Amey has been handcrafting modern-day heirloom jewelry that's meant to be worn and cherished.

An obsessive traveler, Emily loves bold, rich, juicy colors and has traveled the globe with a keen eye for selecting the most vibrant gemstones. From the souks of Marrakech to the bazaar of Istanbul and the gem shows of Tucson and Hong Kong, Emily has met with hundreds of small operation miners and gem cutters to find stones that turn jewelry into timeless treasures.

Book a Design Consultation 

Above all, we love building relationships with clients. So we offer an investment of time, to help you select the most perfect piece for you or your beloved. We know the process of choosing the perfect jewelry piece can be overwhelming. We offer virtual design consultations to help discuss our design process and any other questions you may have to help you make a well-informed purchase. Feel free to book an appointment with Emily HERE.