Fall in love with our modern collection of  handmade gemstone necklaces.

Our one of a kind necklaces are made with love and attention to detail. From the picking of the stones to the design to the hand fabrication - the entire process is done in NY.  Whether you want a statement piece on a long chain, a more delicate collar or choker length, or a show stopping piece to be worn on a special day, we have something for everyone.

We strive to create pieces that will be handed down for generations and treasured like the wearable pieces of art they are. Every day we are in awe of what the earth creates and how lucky we are to create with it. From popular stones such as Turquoise, Aquamarine, and watermelon tourmaline; to the more unique Phenakite, Sunstones, and Kyanite. You will find the perfect handmade necklace to suit any occasion. Handmade with coveted gemstones like Peruvian and Australian opals, London Blue Topaz, Rainbow Moonstone, and Sapphires, our clients keep coming back to add to their collection. 

We are able to work with our clients to hand-make custom pieces for special occasions, commemorate important dates or pay homage to loved ones.  as well as custom bridal jewelry. Our handmade london blue topaz, sapphire, or kyanite necklaces are a perfect pop of blue for custom handmade jewelry. Using recycled precious metals, reclaimed stones, and eco-conscious studio practices, we strive to keep our process as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible. 

Emily relies on her extensive knowledge and expert eye to handpick each gemstone, paying close attention to color and vibrancy to ensure that it will become a piece to be treasured for years to come. Over her almost 20-year career in the jewelry industry, Emily has amassed extensive gemology knowledge and come across some truly unique and unusual gemstones that our customers say they haven't seen elsewhere and are truly one of a kind.