Custom Handmade Jewelry: Why You Should Buy Your Next Piece of Jewelry Online

Custom Handmade Jewelry: Why You Should Buy Your Next Piece of Jewelry Online

We know it can be intimidating buying fine jewelry online. That's why we're committed to sending as many pictures and videos as you need to find your forever piece. We can walk with you every step of the way to ensure you pick the piece that speaks to your soul.

Online shopping has steadily increased in popularity year after year. Today, as many as 69 percent of American shoppers make their purchases online. Moreover, online shopping is expected to continue its upward trend, as it's estimated that 95 percent of all purchases in the U.S. will be made online by 2040. There are several reasons for this growing popularity, including convenience, better savings, and easy price comparisons.

These days, almost anything can be bought online, and custom handmade jewelry is no exception. In fact, shopping for custom handmade jewelry online is incredibly beneficial compared to in-store shopping.

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Buy Your Next Piece of Jewelry Online

Are you considering purchasing a new piece of jewelry in the future? You're not alone. Up to 44.52 percent of Americans own at least one piece of jewelry in America. But did you know that it can be beneficial to shop online instead of at a local jeweler?

Here's why you should buy your next piece of jewelry online.

Near Limitless Options

When you visit a local jeweler, you are often limited to the pieces in the store or what they can order from their catalog. However, if you do not make a purchase that is in stock at the store, you will likely have to wait to receive your purchase. Many stores may also require you to revisit the store once your purchase is available rather than ship it directly to your home.

Bypassing local jewelers altogether is not only more convenient, but you're likely able to find far more options than you would at a bricks-and-mortar location. Plus, with so many pieces to choose from, you can find the perfect piece of jewelry for your upcoming special occasion.

 Shop on Your Own Schedule

One of the best reasons you should buy your next piece of jewelry online is you can shop online at any time. Shopping online is convenient because you aren't limited by store hours, and you can take as much time as you need to browse without feeling rushed.

Easily Compare Pieces

Custom handmade jewelry prices vary widely from dealer to dealer. If you only shop at your local dealerships, you will be limited to the number of dealers that you can compare prices through, and it will take you longer to compare those prices. Shopping online not only allows you to seamlessly compare those prices but also find limited-time offers and snag the best deals. It's commonly more affordable to purchase custom handmade jewelry online.

Greater Custom Handmade Jewelry Available

Custom handmade jewelry provides a way to get unique pieces designed to your specifications. Generally, online dealers can offer a variety of customization options and may have a shorter turnaround time.

Online Shopping Tips

Now that you know why you should buy your next piece of jewelry online, here are online shopping tips to help get you started on your next purchase.

  • Review the return policy: Before placing an order, take the time to check an online dealer's return policy. Most return policies will include details about when jewelry can and cannot be returned. For example, custom handmade jewelry may not be returnable, other than if it was created incorrectly at the dealer's fault.

  • Choose dealers that insure your purchase: Jewelry is expensive, so you must select an online jeweler that insures your purchase. Insuring your purchase means you can be reimbursed if you do not receive your purchase.

  • Print or screenshot any guarantees: Some online dealers provide various guarantees for their jewelry. If you purchase jewelry from one of these dealers, be sure to print or screenshot the guarantee to keep the details of the guarantee handy in case you ever need it.

  • Make sure the dealer can be easily contacted: If your order is wrong or you have not received your order, you're going to want to talk to someone. That's why you must locate an online jeweler's contact details to ensure they can be easily contacted before placing an order.


There are several reasons for buying your next piece of jewelry online. Online purchases are convenient, help you save money, and offer a variety of custom handmade jewelry options.

However, before you make an online purchase, ensure that your package will be insured, that the dealer is easily contactable, and that the jeweler’s return policy is listed.

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