Gorgeous Alternatives to Diamond Eternity Band Engagement Rings

Gorgeous Alternatives to Diamond Eternity Band Engagement Rings

Jewelry trends come and go, but your engagement ring and wedding band should be timeless. At Emily Amey, we pride ourselves in creating luxurious, unique, handmade wedding bands. You won’t find traditional diamond eternity bands as engagement rings here. Instead, you’ll find artisan-made rings that represent the beauty of your love story in a way that mass-produced jewelry never could.

Why People Choose Diamond Eternity Bands for Engagement Rings

A Different Take

The diamond solitaire is a classic engagement ring style. Some couples also choose a colored stone engagement ring. The diamond eternity bands offer a different, sometimes more modern, look.

Lower Profile

Today’s busy woman needs a ring that fits her active lifestyle. A diamond eternity band as an engagement ring has a simple elegance and might be more practical for everyday wear. The lower profile is perfect for a woman who works with her hands. 

More Sparkle

The best part of an engagement ring and wedding band is how it represents your love story. The second best part is seeing it sparkle when you show it off. Multi-stones set in an eternity ring engagement band mean more light entering and refracting. 

The Drawbacks of Diamond Eternity Bands

More Potential for Damage

Eternity band engagement rings have more gemstone surface area that can come in contact with hard surfaces.  We bezel set all our gemstones, meaning they are set flush with the metal surface, offering a fair amount of protection. But as the gold wears down over time, it is possible for the stones to become loose.

Difficult to Resize

Eternity bands are one size. If your finger shape or size changes for some reason, the diamond eternity band will no longer fit and cannot be resized without some major work. That’s why Emily Amey offers commitment bands that feature stones most of the way, but not all the way, around.

Can be Uncomfortable

Commercially produced eternity bands can be sharp or uncomfortable when the fingers are pressed together. This is usually due to the stones being prong or bead set. But at Emily Amey, we bezel set all our stones, and make sure each ring has a smooth finish that is completely comfortable to wear.

Emily Amey Alternatives to Diamond Eternity Bands

Your love story is one-of-a-kind. The handmade wedding bands from Emily Amey are, too. You have so many options of what you can wear on your ring finger to celebrate the commitment you are about to make. Think beyond a diamond eternity band for an engagement ring, and consider our  unique alternatives 

Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Diamonds are classic, but other gemstones are equally as luxurious and eye-catching. There are so many beautiful stones and settings to choose from.

Aquamarine Rings

Blue-hued aquamarine is a calming, tranquil color. Aquamarine engagement rings have recently become one of the most popular among many couples because of the gemstone's naturally intense color and clarity. The stone is generally tough and won’t easily scratch, making it a durable choice for a ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life.

This gorgeous aquamarine band intersperses the stone with diamonds for an eternity-band look without the sizing and thickness issues. While this checkerboard aquamarine ring has a classic, vintage look for a wedding or engagement band.

Tourmaline Rings

For those seeking an unconventional engagement ring, Tourmaline has been making its way to the top of the list as the go-to alternative engagement ring for a number of reasons. The colors range from tranquil teal to crisp greens to vivid pinks. Watermelon tourmaline has an ombre of green to pink.

This teal blue tourmaline ring with diamond clusters would make a beautiful, classic engagement band. While the diamonds in the band of this paraiba tourmaline ring give it an eternity band as an engagement ring feel.

Sapphire Rings

The classic blue sapphire is a tried and true choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. Pink sapphires have been growing in popularity, especially adored for their femininity and romanticism. Yellow sapphires have long been a lower-cost alternative to yellow diamonds without sacrificing quality or beauty.

A sapphire and diamond octopus band is an elevated and unique alternative to a diamond eternity band for an engagement ring. While a white sapphire lozenge ring offers the lower profile of an eternity band in a modern, elegant setting.

Ruby Rings

Related to the sapphire, but able to stand on its own with beauty and impact is the ruby engagement ring. Rubies range from reddish pink to deep red to brownish. These precious gemstones score a 9 on the Mohs scale, making them durable and long-lasting.

This star ruby hexagon ring is a picture of elegance. The ruby symbolizes romance, health, wealth, and passion--all of which are summed up in the beauty of a ruby engagement ring.

Commitment Bands

Diamond Bands

A commitment band solidifies your love. It is a symbol of your promise to each other. A diamond eternity band as an engagement ring comes with its own set of concerns, but a diamond commitment band is a perfect alternative. With a diamond commitment band, you get diamond coverage around most of the ring, but not enough to worry about chips and cracking. The band is the perfect thickness, and there’s room for resizing in the future.

This tidal waves diamond band features clusters of diamonds around a gorgeous 14K white gold ring. If you have your heart set on an eternity band, this is the ring for you. For a more unique take on a commitment band, check out this 6 diamond halo crown band in rose gold. Wear this as your engagement ring and pair it with your wedding band. 

Bands Without Stones

For a truly unique engagement ring, consider a ring without a stone. Let the beauty of the metalwork share the story of your commitment to one another.

The 14K chelle ring was inspired by a piece of coral. Its beautiful flowing lines can symbolize your path of love. Or consider stacking three handmade stacker rings to symbolize yesterday, today, and tomorrow. For a more whimsical piece, the 14K wisteria branch band is a unique pick. Inspired by the enduring vines of fragrant wisteria, this simple and organic band is perfect as a non-traditional engagement or wedding band.

Your engagement ring symbolizes something beautiful. Let the artisan-crafted engagement rings and wedding bands at Emily Amey speak for your love.