Shopping For A Turquoise Ring | How To Choose One & How To Style

Shopping For A Turquoise Ring | How To Choose One & How To Style

When picking out a new ring, there are many classic stones people opt for: sapphires, diamonds (of course), rubies, emeralds, and more. However, many are exploring additional stone options for a more unique and personalized look. At Emily Amey Jewelry, we specialize in designing one-of-a-kind pieces with unusual stones, one of our absolute favorites being turquoise. Today, we’ll dive into the specific properties of turquoise, how to pick out the perfect turquoise ring, and how to care for your new turquoise piece.

Turquoise is as unique as it looks 

One of the main reasons people love turquoise is its bright and eye-catching blue-green tone. It pops against the skin and looks great alongside your current pieces, but has more than enough “oomph” to stand on its own as a single piece. When you choose turquoise for your new ring, or for any piece of jewelry, you can be sure that you’ll turn a lot of heads and get a lot of compliments on your piece.

The origin of turquoise spans all the way back to 3000 BC Egypt, where it was found in ancient tombs including on the iconic burial mask of King Tut. The oldest mines are still found in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, however, there are now mines in various places in the world including the United States, Iran, China, and more. It is thought to have been brought to Native American tribes by a white trader, where the local people studded it with silver - a look many closely associated with Native American Indians. 

Turquoise used to symbolize strength, luck, protection, and more for many different countries and was even worth more than gold for a time. Here is the historical meaning it holds for various cultures across the world:

  • Egypt: Ancient Egyptians call turquoise mefkat meaning joy or delight, and used it commonly for important peoples’ burials. 
  • Persia: Persians believed that if they adorned themselves with turquoise, it would turn color to warn of impending doom (turquoise can in fact change color when exposed to the elements.)
  • Native Americans: Depending on the area, turquoise was used for a variety of uses not included, however in the Southwestern United States it was used as a way to commune with the sky.

The physical and healing properties of turquoise

As far as physical properties go, the most notable is the opaque, bright color of the stone. The color can range from deep blue to deep green and everything in between. The stone can be solid in color or it can have some striping on it, which is considered the most beautiful and valuable. When mined naturally and set by a professional, a turquoise piece of jewelry can be among the most beautiful pieces of custom handmade jewelry in the world.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December and is coveted for many other healing properties. Turquoise is said to balance the chakras and help restore inner peace or balance mood swings. It is also thought to promote self-reassurance and self-perception and is used by energy healers and others as a powerful force to help people overcome obstacles. 

How to pick out the perfect turquoise ring 

Because turquoise is so versatile and unique, it has been made into seemingly limitless designs. Here are a few ways to style turquoise rings:

  • Statement: Our favorite way to style turquoise might be into a statement piece. It is so bold and bright that using it to add some interest to your outfits is the perfect way to step up your look while also keeping it classic. Whether it be a single large turquoise stone or a unique design with a lot of elements, turquoise is simply made to be a statement piece.
  • Minimalist: On the other side of the coin, turquoise also makes a gorgeous minimalist piece because it can catch the eye even while being small. This is a great approach if you have a lot of other rings to match or want something that can blend in and look great alongside both silver and gold.
  • Completely unique: Emily Amey can do it all! If you want a turquoise ring that you haven’t seen on anyone else, there’s no other place to go! We handmake our jewelry and design it alongside you to ensure it’s exactly what you want. If you’re looking for an extra special treat for yourself, a family heirloom, or a gift for a loved one, a custom-designed turquoise ring could not be a better choice.

 How to care for your new turquoise ring

While some turquoise can be quite hard and strong, it still must be cleaned gently and carefully. If you’re the new owner or a soon-to-be owner of turquoise jewelry, take the following steps to clean your ring safely and preserve its natural beauty:

  • Wash with warm water and gentle soap or jewelry cleaner
  • Never clean your turquoise jewelry in steam or an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Take off your turquoise when showering, working out, playing sports, or swimming
  • Polish with a jewelry cloth to restore its natural shine

All in all, turquoise is a lovely choice for anyone and is a stone we love dearly at Emily Amey. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy responsibly-mined stones from all over the world, set alongside high-quality 14k gold, sterling silver, precious stone accents, and more. Shop the full collection online or reach out to discuss creating a one-of-a-kind piece with us.

Emily Amey is a New York local artist who works with both diamonds and gemstones to create unique, unforgettable pieces. She works with small-operation minors from around the world to source the best gemstones in a responsible way.