Stack and Style: The Art of Mixing and Matching Stacking Bands

Stack and Style: The Art of Mixing and Matching Stacking Bands

Here at Emily Amey Jewelry we absolutely love stacking bands. They provide so much opportunity, customization, and are truly unique to you! One of the most beautiful things about stacking bands is that the options are limitless. You may want something low-key or something covered in diamonds or beautiful colored stones. Build a stack that is fit for you! Stacking bands can be used to amplify your current look or add them over time to celebrate milestones. We have pulled together a few looks with our handmade rings to help inspire you! 

For the Bright Eyed Beauty

This girl is looking for a full diamond look. This handmade ring stack can be purchased all together or built up over time. Here is what we are thinking; 14k 6 Diamond Halo Crown Band In Yellow Gold , 14k Tidal Waves Diamond Band In Yellow Gold , 14k Pear Shaped Salt and Pepper Diamond ring with brilliant white diamonds and last but not least 14k Flush Set Halo Band Ring In Yellow Gold. We hope you love this look as much as we do!

For the Nostalgic

The nostalgic girl wants to keep her loved ones close by. Our perfect suggestion for you is the Birthstone Stacking Ring. The beauty of this handmade ring is that you can add a stacking band for every loved one in your life. There is no limit! 

For the Art Fanatic

This girl loves to have something different and unique. While all Emily Amey Jewelry is handmade and unique to start with, we have just the stack for you. We suggest the 14k Green Tourmaline Ring With Diamond Trefoil  with a 14k 7 Diamond Halo Crown Band In Yellow Gold on either side! This stacking band look will have people stopping you to admire the beauty! 

For the Lover

This stack is for the lover, she values tradition and is looking for a classic handmade ring and stacking bands. If this sounds like you consider the 14k Deep V Flush Set Halo band in Yellow gold , 14k Seagrass Ring With Diamond Engagement Ring and 14k Single Seagrass Stacker Ring . This timeless Emily Ring stack will check every box.

If you are interested in building a stack from scratch or enhancing your current handmade ring, we at Emily Amey Jewelry would love to help! Reach out to us at , together we can build your dream stacking bands look!