Ring Sizing

The proper size makes all the difference with fine jewelry.

Ring sizing is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated things when getting a new ring.

It's easy to buy a ring from a high-end jeweler, but do you know what you are getting? Ring sizing is very important to the overall look of the ring. And with the wrong ring sizing advice, you could end up with a ring that's either too big or too small.

Why is Ring Sizing Important?

The right jewelry size matters more than you may think.

If you're shopping for a ring, you've probably noticed rings come in different shapes and sizes. Some rings are made to be adjustable, and some are not. The ring sizing you get may be one of the biggest factors in your ring's overall look. If you're not sure what the right size is, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Ring Sizing: How Does It Work?

The ring sizing process is pretty straightforward. The size is based on three different measurements:

  • The inside diameter – the measurement of the band itself.
  • The outside diameter –  the measurement of the band, taking into account the width of the band.
  • The width of the band – the measurement of the band taken from the inside edge of the band to the outside edge of the band.

The ring sizing process is easy, but you have to pay attention to the details.

Ring Sizing at Home

If you're looking to buy a ring online (for yourself or as a gift to someone special), you can always try ring sizing at home. There are several methods you can try to get a perfect size.

The first method is the paper method, which involves taking a piece of paper and wrapping it around your finger. You'll then mark where the paper meets and then measure it against a ruler or a printed ring size chart. This method is easy to do at home, but it's not always the most accurate.

The second method involves printing out a ring sizer you found online. These imitate a more traditional ring sizer in that you cut out the inner circles of the paper chart and insert your finger into each one until you find the right fit. Again, while this can be useful, it's not always foolproof – especially if you don't print out the paper guide to the proper scale.

Professional Ring Sizing

If you do not know your ring size, it's highly recommended that you have your finger sized by a local jeweler and ask for your U.S. ring size. If you're getting sized at a jewelry store, a salesperson will measure your finger and ring size.

This is usually done using a particular set of ring sizers. These are usually simple plastic rings in various sizes that you'll try on until you find the perfect fit.

Another method is to bring in a ring that fits and have the salesperson match it up with their sizing charts. While this isn't the most foolproof method, it can be handy when buying a ring for a friend or loved one.

Ring Sizing Advice with Emily Amey

When it comes to ring sizing for women, the size is your responsibility. That's because some people wear their rings loose, and some tight. While there is plenty of ring sizing advice out there, here at Emily Amey, we utilize a traditional ring sizer to help you find the perfect fit.

Can't come into the store to get sized? If you live in the U.S. and need help locating a local jeweler, please email us, and we will do our best to help you! If you ordered an incorrect size and need a resize, we can do it for a $25 fee.

Have questions about proper ring sizing? Contact us today to get them answered.