A Guide to The Oceanic Beauty: Sapphire Engagement Rings

A Guide to The Oceanic Beauty: Sapphire Engagement Rings

Trends come and go, with engagement rings holding no exceptions. We see popularity rise and fall whether it be band styles, metal types, stone counts, or gemstones. 

But there are a few timeless classics that reign supreme – styles that are fit for royalty (literally), yet approachable enough to be desired by many. Second, only to the diamond, is the ever-enduring sapphire. 

Its oceanic, deep blue color and hard durability have made the sapphire popular for centuries. On the Mohs hardness scale, they score a 9; higher than any other gemstone, save diamonds. 

We love working with sapphires at Emily Amey and have collaborated with countless clients to find the perfect shade of blue for their engagement. If you’re thinking of doing the same, this blog post is for you! 

The Rise of Sapphire Engagement Rings 

As we’ve said, sapphires have been sought after and beloved for centuries. They’ve catapulted in popularity in almost every region of the world, dating back to 800 BC. 

If you’re thinking of the Heart of The Ocean, a la “The Titanic”, you wouldn’t be far off – there have been several famous sapphires including the Star of Bombay, the Star of India, and the Star of Adam sapphires. These magnificent jewels range in size, type and color, as do sapphires in general. 

Sapphires can range in color, more than most gemstones. The deep, cobalt blue sapphire has surged in popularity in the present day, not in small part due to the engagement of Princess Diana and now King Charles in 1981. The 12-carat, the blue sapphire ring is now worn by Catherine, Princess of Wales, catapulting it back into the public eye and popularity. 

Though pop culture and media can play a role in the attention of sapphires, we commit to this stone for its durability and enduring beauty. 

Types of Sapphire Engagement Rings 

Sapphires shine in a variety of ring styles and colors. Here are a few ways to incorporate sapphires into your engagement ring. 

Multi-Color Sapphire Engagement Rings 

Sapphires are known for their even color and transparency. However, the corundum that sapphires are made of which can also be exposed to other minerals gives sapphire a variety of colors nearly to almost every hue of the rainbow. The classic blue shades of sapphire are undoubtedly beautiful, but why just stick with one color if you can choose from many other breathtaking hues for your engagement ring? 

From the fancier colors of pink, yellow, purple, and striking electric red and magnificent orange to the rarest color, Padparadscha, we have them all at Emily Amey. 

Padparadscha is a perfect peachy pastel pink / orange sapphire and it is one of the rarest types of sapphire that hails from Madagascar. It is set in 14k yellow gold with petite brilliant white diamonds, an absolute showstopper beauty that no other colored stone compares. A rare sapphire color clustered with elegant diamonds or other shades of sapphire is definitely a ring to die for. 

Solo-Stone Sapphire Engagement Rings

Let that sapphire shine! Single-stone sapphire engagement rings allow for the gem to truly sparkle with no distractions. They are seen in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color hues. You will also see these on a range of band and setting styles, depending on the cut of the sapphire. 

Engagement Rings with Sapphire Accents

If you like the look and feel of a sapphire engagement ring but aren’t sure about moving away from the more traditional diamond look, we love sapphires as an accent stone just as much as a feature stone. Because sapphires are so versatile their range of hues looks incredible with any other gemstone – not just diamonds! 

How to Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring 

You’ve heard of the 4 C’s, but allow us to introduce you to the 4 S’s – a simple guide to know which (S)apphire is right for you and yours! 


Blue sapphires are the most abundant in engagement ring styles but vary in shade and hue. For example, you may prefer a unique look with more of a green blue. Our 14k Montana Sapphire ring with Diamond Clusters captures that vision perfectly! Or for a more traditional cobalt color, the 14k Rosecut Sapphire Ring with Natural Diamonds is a beautiful choice. 


Sapphires offer a variety of shapes, much like other revered gemstones. Ovals, emeralds, hexagons, and more can be found to fit your unique style and taste. Different shapes show different features of the stone’s distinctive features. Not sure what you like? Try our jewelry quiz for a bit of guidance! 


We believe that creating jewelry imbued with love starts with treating the world around us with love. That’s why our sapphires, like all our gemstones and materials at Emily Amey, are ethically sourced with sustainability in mind. In the United States, the only place where Sapphires can be mined is in the state of Montana. As the only source of these precious stones, they have established a reputation for producing gemstones ethically but steadily. 

Working with small producers and directly sourcing from them is the best option because we can help their economy directly and since it is run by families, and locals, it evades unethical labor practices and controls the labor conditions within the mines. 

Not only you can be proud of supporting American local businesses, but you are also helping the earth to last, just as much as we know your ring will! 

Blue is Your Color: Blue Engagement Rings 

Love the color, but not sold on the sapphire. We get it. That’s why we work with so many precious gemstones, providing the best selection for our brides and clients. See an assortment of one-of-a-kind blue engagement rings here, with specialty stones like aquamarine, blue topaz, zircon, and a variety of sapphires. 

Looking for something a little less traditional? This 14k Deep Indigo Blue Sapphire Ring With Diamond Cluster Halo is one of our favorite rings in our collection. The stunning indigo hue positively screams deep romance and it’s set in Emily’s famous 14k yellow gold band with a halo of brilliant diamonds. 

The Emily Amey Engagement Ring Difference 

The Emily Amey promise remains the same, whether it’s for your engagement ring or any other piece! 

  • One of a Kind: Handcrafted, unique, and timeless, each piece is a work of art to be cherished for a lifetime. 
  • Handmade by Female Artisans: Our beloved pieces are curated and created by women, for women. 
  • Ethically Sourced Gemstones: We believe that creating custom handmade jewelry imbued with love starts with treating the world around us with love. 
  • Recycled Metals: We strive to use responsible materials and sustainable practices that preserve the Earth’s natural wonders. 

Standing by these principles means that we can guarantee the best for our wearers, time and time again. We love hearing positive feedback from our Emily Amey family and brides – and while the 5-star reviews fill us with pride, seeing the endless ways each of our clients wear their jewelry for years to come is even better. We can’t say it better than our recent engagement shoutouts: 

“Such a stunning symbol for mine and Butch’s commitment! LOVE the stone and how everything about the ring design shows it at its best. Handmade quality craftsmanship is artistic with many special details. The service was excellent with lots of care included! Everyone who sees it comments on how perfect it is for me. I’m so grateful!” - Sammy  

I love this beautiful ring. The sapphire is luminous and looks gorgeous in every kind of light. I love the little diamonds on each side, and it's just the right size for my hands (size 4). This ring looks so much better in person than in the photos!” - C.G

This ring is beyond gorgeous. It glows from within with transcendent light and the organic shape is beautifully framed with symmetrical signature gold beads. Most beautiful chalcedony stone and cut I have ever seen.” - Poppy