How to Select Gemstones for Winter Months

How to Select Gemstones for Winter Months

Winter is upon us, and we're all looking to warm up a bit and add some spring vibes to get us through these cold months

If you’re searching for the best handmade gemstone jewelry to get you through the winter months, , you’re not the only one. We have many clients requesting custom work this winter.

While demand for one of a kind handmade jewelry changes with supply and cost, experts project that the jewelry store market will experience substantial growth over the next five years. That means that prices may continue to rise, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your collection before they do.

Winter collection one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry is the perfect way to adorn yourself regardless of what your outfit choice is!

4 Tips for Picking Out Handmade Gemstone Jewelry for Winter Months

Are you interested in expanding your fall collection of one of a kind handmade jewelry? Here are four tips that will help you build your jewelry collection for the winter months.

Stick to Darker and Natural Colors

Darker and natural colors are a popular choice for fall handmade gemstone jewelry collections. As the leaves change their colors, so should you. In most cases, wintery tones like black, white, and dark blue can clash with fall fashions. Instead, stick to oranges, browns, dark greens, and other fall colors.

Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets Over Rings and Anklets

Rings are a common choice for handmade gemstone jewelry, but they can clash with fall outfits, especially if gloves might cover your hands. Similarly, anklets are definitely out for the fall season as these pieces are best suited for the summer months. You may get away with rings and anklets if you live in one of the southern states, but necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are often preferable for fall fashion.

 Choose Vibrant Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Vibrant handmade gemstone jewelry is a popular choice in any season, but gemstones are in exceptionally high demand during the fall months. Generally, the bolder and larger the gemstone, the better. Precious stones like ambers, emeralds, and rubies are fantastic for setting that darker, natural autumn tone. 

Tie Your Look Together With Distinctive Pearls

Like diamonds, pearls are a timeless classic that can pull almost any wardrobe together. While white pearls are in style year-round, fall collections tend to learn away from the traditional prim and proper look of pearls. If you’re building up your one of a kind handmade jewelry collection for the fall season, look for pearls that have organic shapes, edgy details, and unexpected colors.

Caring for Your Winter Handmade Jewelry Gemstone Collection

One of a kind handmade jewelry is an investment that, when properly cared for, can withstand the test of time and complete your look for many years to come. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your fall collection. Many of your fall collection pieces will be in fashion next year and the year after that. You can care for your fall one of a kind handmade jewelry by:

  •       Cleaning Your Jewelry: Always clean your handmade gemstone jewelry before putting it away. Experts recommend the use of mild soap and warm water for most pieces. However, you should never leave your jewelry submerged in water as prolonged exposure is damaging to jewelry. In addition, if your jewelry includes gemstones, you must know how to care for your type of stone. For example, some gemstones are too soft for ultrasonic cleaners, and others are susceptible to temperature changes.
  •       Avoiding the Big No-Nos: A crucial component of jewelry maintenance is to avoid the big no-nos. Regardless of the type of handmade jewelry gemstone you have, you should never sleep, swim, or shower with jewelry on. Additionally, it’s best to avoid wearing jewelry if you’re doing anything that makes you sweat.
  •       Storing Your Fall Collection in a Safe Place: Jewelry can be scratched and tarnished if it’s not stored properly. When storing jewelry in a safe place, make sure that you separate your jewelry as gemstones can damage other gemstones. Additionally, take care to protect your one of a kind handmade jewelry from chemicals, heat, and light, as all of these factors can impact the color, shine, and durability of your jewelry.

Improving Your Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Winter Collection

The right one of a kind handmade jewelry can complete your winter look and give depth to your wardrobe. Fortunately, many of the most popular winter styles are trending each year. When building your winter jewelry collection, be sure to stick to darker and natural tones and choose the right kind of jewelry pieces. Lastly, giving your jewelry the care it needs will keep it looking great for many years to come.

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