How to Stack Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

How to Stack Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

The rings we wear and how we wear them are extremely important. Where did the rules come from, and how should you be stacking your one of a kind engagement ring with your handcrafted new wedding band?

Rings have always been viewed as signs of wealth, achievement, and authority, but it wasn’t until 5,000 years ago that ancient Egyptians used them as a sign of love and matrimony. However, many traditions of ring-giving we know today (including diamond engagement rings) didn’t take off until the 1900s.

That’s right — our traditions are barely a century old! While you shouldn’t be afraid to break away from the standard and have some fun with your choice of cut, colored stone, or gem type, there are still some basic rules that have been followed over the past 100 years. Why not keep these classic traditions going for centuries to come?

Here’s the full breakdown on how to stack your rings before, after, and during your wedding — as of the 2000s.

The Rules For Stacking Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

To be honest, today’s brides are completely rewriting the rulebook when it comes to stacking rings. But before we get into modern styles, let’s answer the big question: What’s considered “right” and “wrong” when it comes to stacking band rings on your wedding day?

According to traditional etiquette, you have two options. Hint: Your “ring finger” is the one next to your pinky.

Traditional Etiquette: Option One

  1. When you receive your engagement ring, place it on the ring finger of your left hand.
  2. On your wedding day, move your engagement ring to the ring finger of your right hand.
  3. Extend your hand as your fiancée puts your wedding band on your left ring finger (swoon).
  4. Remove your engagement ring from your right hand and place it back on the ring finger of your left hand – over your wedding band.
  5. You may now kiss!

Traditional Etiquette: Option Two

  1. When you receive your engagement ring, place it on the ring finger of your left hand.
  2. On your wedding day, keep your engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand.
  3. Extend your hand as your fiancée puts your wedding band on your left ring finger — over your engagement ring.
  4. You may now kiss!

Some believe the wedding band goes first on your finger because it’s closer to the heart. Others believe your engagement ring should never leave your left ring finger once placed there. But the truth is… it’s completely up to you! Just make sure to run your plan by your fiancée, so the pass-off goes smoothly.

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to have some fun! Here are some options for making unique engagement rings and wedding band combos, with examples from Emily Amey: 

What’s NEW with Ring Stacking

Here at Emily Amey, we say etiquette be damned! Your marriage, your rules. However you'd like to commemorate your love is the 'right' way!

You two are the perfect couple, and you deserve the perfect ring to celebrate your love! So shake off the nerves about planning ahead and send your future fiancée some ideas to help get them started. If you’d prefer, you can send these ideas to a friend or loved one … and THEN have them suggest these ideas to your fiancée! Let’s dive in.

Stack Big Rings with Small Rings

There’s nothing more pleasing than two rings fitting perfectly together. The best way to make the match work? Go for one large ring and one small ring! Typically, the engagement ring has a large, flashy gem, while the wedding band is smaller and sleeker. But remember, the choice is yours!

Choose Matching Styles

Fashion is full of clashing patterns, but when it comes to rings, this method can appear… slightly off. Try matching your cut, gem color, gem type, and/or band color for a look that pops!

For example, Emily’s extraordinary Phenakite Rings are a frosty alternative to diamonds that can literally melt ice. As you can see, while they are eye-catching all on their own, phenakite looks even more glamorous when paired with a Diamond Halo Crown Band.

Need ideas on how to mix and match? Many of Emily’s engagement rings are pictured with wedding band counterparts that make for the perfect duo!

Play with Color

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a girl gotta have some color, too. To channel the Victorian era, find colored stone engagement rings surrounded by glittering diamonds that will catch the eye of everyone you show!

Feeling connected to nature? Go green! Emeralds are making a comeback. Find an assortment of emerald cut engagement rings, including the charming Ouroboros Snake Band With Emerald Eyes.

Match Metal and Finish

Are you more into silver, gold, or something in between? Whatever you decide, try matching the base metals of your engagement ring and wedding band for a clean-cut look. For a choice that’s more affordable than platinum but more durable than silver, white gold is a fantastic option.

Three’s A Crowd: Add Anniversary Rings & More

You’ve already started decorating your hands with meaningful rings — why not change them out every once in a while? Update your ring collection for new memories, including anniversaries, special dates, birthdays, and lost loved ones. Keep those most important to you close at all times!

 BONUS: Be One-of-a-Kind

For truly unique gemstones that will blow you away with their stunning originality, explore our one-of-a-kind pieces! Uncover gemstones like spinel, amethyst, moonstone, and many more.

We hope this guide has you buzzing with ideas! Explore our exquisite online collection of gemstones made by hand with 100% recycled materials.