What Gemstones Make the Best Engagement Rings?

What Gemstones Make the Best Engagement Rings?

At Emily Amey Jewelry, we recognize the importance of choosing the perfect engagement ring that your beloved will love to wear for the rest of her life. Choosing the symbol of your unique love is exciting and, but can also a little overwhelming. We are here to help! We aim to be trusted advisors, who can magically capture the essence of your love and the beauty of your lifelong journey together. Since your love story is so unique, we recommend the distinctive look that our handmade rings provide. 

Choosing a stone that reflects her style and represents something special about your relationship is part of the fun and excitement. Hand-made rings with colorful gemstones are a choice that breaks the traditional mold, just the way she broke the mold and stole your heart. Rather than choosing a traditional diamond ring that is much like a lot of other engagement rings, an Emily Amey handmade engagement ring is a unique testament of your own special love story. 

We have put together a guide featuring some of our favorite handmade rings with gemstones. Each stone represents a different style choice and meaning. Our top three unique engagement ring stones are: 


Aquamarine engagement rings are one of our most popular stone choices. Clients love the serene light blue color, that is a classic gemstone when it comes to colorful alternative engagement rings. The look of our handmade engagement rings is perfect for women who love the sea and anything ocean inspired.

Aquamarine stones can range in color from deep blue to green tones. The name aquamarine is Latin for the color of the sea. In fact, aquamarine was believed in ancient times to be the treasure of the elusive mermaid. Sailors would use the stone to bring them luck while at sea. 

An aquamarine engagement ring is perfect for an unconventional woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. And being a relatively hard stone, Aquamarine is a suitable stone choice for everyday wear.


Sapphires are considered precious stones. A sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful, understated way to show your beloved how special she is to you. 

Our sapphire engagement rings are a stunning look for a woman who likes to be distinctive and march to the beat of her own drum.  A stone that is durable, with a hardness just second to a diamond, sapphires are an elegant centerpiece for a lifelong jewelry such as our handmade engagement rings. A sapphire engagement ring is a perfect token for the woman who wants something unique, handmade and always one of a kind.. 

The celestial blue hue of sapphires is a sought-after look, but did you know sapphires come in other colors? Emily Amey has scoured the planet in search of some of the rarest of sapphires. She has a particular passion for padparadscha sapphire, which is a perfect peachy-pink, and highly valuable. She also works with sapphires ranging from orange, red, blue, pink, purple, and green, even white! With the sparkle and durability sapphires provide, and the versatility of color choices, sapphires are the most popular alternative engagement ring gemstone here at Emily Amey Jewelry.


A stone of myth and lore, moonstone engagement rings offer a delicate beauty that captures light with a fiery luminance. The moon is a traditionally feminine symbol and moonstone is associated with strong and caring female energy.  By giving your beloved a moonstone engagement ring, you are letting her know that you fell in love with her strength and feminine spirit.

Clients are in love with our rainbow moonstones. When the light hits them, they glow with a spectrum of blue, turquoise, yellow and orange. They dance and play with light and are always changing and evolving depending on the setting and time of day. This is one of our favorite aspects of moonstone. There’s always something new to fall in love with when gazing at one of our mesmerizing moonstone pieces.

We love pairing our moonstones with diamonds, but also sometimes peach sunstone, blue sapphire or even australian opals. The side stone pairing highlights a dominant color in the rainbow and makes each piece a little work of art.

We consider moonstones to be a neutral stone, meaning if your beloved doesn’t want to commit to wearing a bold colored gemstone for the rest of her life, this is still quite neutral and subtle. That is, until you you unearth the hidden majestic beauty within each hand selected stone.

Ethically Sourced & Handcrafted Jewelry

At Emily Amey Jewelry, we take pride in our carefully handcrafted engagement rings. We hope the love and care we put into the ring you choose will reflect the love you are celebrating with your new commitment. All handmade pieces are curated and created by women, for women. Our skilled female artisans have the ability to understand exactly what your beloved is hoping for. 

All of Emily Amey gemstones are ethically sourced. We strive to use responsible materials that preserve Earth’s natural wonders. We only use recycled metals, and do our best to work with small operation miners who abide by ethical mining standards.

Our heirloom quality, handcrafted jewelry pieces are worthy of your life’s journey and are perfect to be handed down to generations to come. 

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We know the engagement ring process can be overwhelming. We offer virtual design consultations to help discuss our design process, the pros and cons of colored gemstone engagement rings and any other questions you may have to help you make a well- informed purchase. Feel free to book an appointment with Emily HERE.