Why Custom and Handmade Jewelry Is Becoming So Popular

Why Custom and Handmade Jewelry Is Becoming So Popular

Custom, handmade jewelry is gaining popularity by the minute. Our clients are embracing our unique designs, colorful gemstones, and unexpected metals pairings. 

It’s a stark contrast to the time when you’d only find the same three styles of Tiffany earrings or Cartier bracelets on every woman that walked by. But what is causing this major shift in preference and style? There are many reasons, but a preference for uniqueness, artistry, personalization, and self-expression are a few explanations for the growing trend. Our clients also love the one on one personal attention they receive since we are a small independent business.

Customers Want More Than Just a Brand

A third trend that’s impacting the custom handmade jewelry trend is the increasing consumer preference for personal connection with the brands they buy from. Gone are the days when consumers will buy from the cheapest option without a thought about that company’s values or leadership. In the past few years especially, consumers have been demanding that corporations live up to diversity, environmental, and equity promises, in addition to satisfying consumers with the quality of their products and customer service. 

According to a 2020 Consumer Culture Survey, 83% of Millennials find it important for the companies they buy from to align with their values. Additionally, 65% of consumers reported having adjusted their spending habits to support local businesses when shopping. This shows just how big a shift has happened within the American consumer market. While shoppers may be more focused on local business, they’re also expecting more from the companies they buy from. These are important takeaways for businesses and consumers!

So how does that relate to custom handmade jewelry? Well, the consumer preference to connect with a brand heavily favors smaller, artisan companies such as Emily Amey Jewelry. When a company is small enough to create a custom style just for you, and gives you the chance to be a partner in the whole process, you’re naturally inclined to connect with that brand. The process creates an emotional bond as well as brand loyalty, giving you not just a quality piece of jewelry but also a feeling of investment in the company that you purchased from.

Customers who head to the Emily Amey website can get a personal feel for the company. The About Us section dives into all stages of the business, from Emily Amey’s start to the launch to the business and the goals of the brand. 

Growing Preference for Self-Expression and Individuality

Do-it-yourself or DIY has become a sensation in American culture over the past few years. Think about platforms like personal blogging and Pinterest that are flooded with tutorials for home renovation projects, recipes, makeup, and artwork. People are enchanted with the idea of creating their own personal aesthetic and style, forgoing standardized procedures and products. 

That same idea is impacting style choices, including jewelry! Though most of us are not actually creating our own jewelry, the DIY impact is still persuading us to pick out unique jewelry that reflects our own preferences. Whether it’s a specific color, style, or metal, custom handmade jewelry can fit anyone’s unique taste. Mass-produced jewelry can never attain this level of personalization.

Take for example Emily Amey’s 14k Sleeping Beauty turquoise with diamond clusters ring. The soft square of stunning Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring is set in yellow gold and accented with simple gold beads or diamonds. This ring is perfect for someone who prefers yellow gold on their skin tone and has an affinity for the deep blue of the ocean. It can be customized with or without diamonds to accommodate the less flashy to more sparkly preferences out there.

Jewelry That’s Also a Work of Art

Another reason custom handmade jewelry is becoming so popular is a renewed appreciation for artwork. The pandemic made us extremely aware of the aesthetic of our homes, and thousands of Americans executed renovation projects during quarantine. We’ve gained a new appreciation for works of art and curated style since they were so in focus to us for the past few years.

This trend is also reflected in the uniqueness of handmade jewelry. Custom handmade jewelry is made without the use of standardized machines, which means each piece is completely original and cannot be replicated. Gemstones will naturally vary from stone to stone; each has slight variations in colors, shape, and features. Pieces can be created with different colors of metal, from yellow gold to rose gold and silver. The possibilities for the end product are truly endless!

And it isn’t just the final product that’s unique, at Emily Amey, female artists create each piece by hand, leaving a lot of room for both creativity and precision. These artists follow their eyes and instincts, working to highlight the natural beauty of each stone with the appropriate shape and complementary materials. The process of creating handmade jewelry is a significant time commitment, as the artist works on each earring, bracelet, or necklace until it satisfies their artistic vision. 

The artistic nature of custom handmade jewelry is showcased in pieces such as the 14k Marquis Kyanite necklace with beads. The delicate necklace attaches to the oblong, deep blue stone in a natural shape. This Marquis Kyanite Necklace is created by the studio’s experienced and creative artists, varying in beautiful and unusual ways.

Is it Time for You to Embrace the Handmade Jewelry Trend?

Hopefully, now that you’ve read this blog, you have a much deeper understanding of the shifts that are influencing the custom handmade jewelry trend. The question now is, will you be the next one to embrace the trend?

If you’re interested in having a say in the style of the jewelry you wear, or even want to be a part of the process, the answer is yes! If you’re feeling like the jewelry on the market is too commercial or standard, you definitely need to embrace this trend. Not only will you have a piece of jewelry that is fully your own style, you’ll also be supporting local artists and small businesses. Next time you’re searching for a gift for a friend (or yourself!) don’t forget to look into custom handmade jewelry!