Why Handcrafted Halo Engagement Rings Are Timeless Classics

Why Handcrafted Halo Engagement Rings Are Timeless Classics

Selecting the perfect style for your engagement ring can be both exciting and overwhelming. With endless styles, sizes, and colors available, choosing the one that is the perfect symbol of your love is a long and exciting journey.  It’s important to ensure that the design fits your personality and lifestyle and that it’s truly timeless. 

One of our favorite designs for handcrafted engagement rings is the halo style. These rings have some extra bling but still remain classic, drawing the eye to your finger and to the center gemstone The end result is more akin to an irreplaceable heirloom, than a simple ring, and is one of the reasons this style has been beloved for decades as a symbol of love and commitment.

Is your heart calling you toward the halo design? Here’s some more information about the different types of halo rings, how to customize a halo ring to fit your style, and why this particular design is forever classic

Types of Halo Engagement Ring Designs

While there are endless variations and shapes, there are just two main categories of halo engagement rings: flushed and floating. With a flushed halo setting, you’ll notice that the halo of diamonds is at the same level as the center diamond or gemstone. Floating halo settings are the opposite: the halo encircling the center diamond or gemstone will be placed lower than the middle stone.

Both flushed and floating halo rings are breathtaking, and selecting one over the other is simply a matter of preference.

 A flushed setting tends to make more of a statement. The circle of diamonds is noticeable, catching the light and moving the eye toward the center stone. Flushed halo engagement rings are radiant and brilliant, unafraid of drawing attention. They are a perfect choice for commemorating powerful and lifelong love.

A floating setting can be more subtle than the flushed setting. The halo accents the center stone, offering a complimentary brilliance to the ring. The floating ring also offers the chance for a hidden halo. In this style, the halo can be placed at the base of the center stone, only noticeable when viewing the ring from the side or inspecting it carefully. The floating or hidden halo offers a subtle enhancement to an already stunning ring.

Ideas to Customize Your Halo Engagement Rings

When searching for a halo engagement ring, you’re most likely to find a larger center gemstone surrounded by a band of smaller diamonds. However, just like with any other style of ring, there are endless ways to customize a halo engagement ring to fit your taste. 

Emily Amey specializes in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, infusing art and creativity into one-of-a-kind pieces. The result is a modern day heirloom for the woman that appreciates subtle yet unique jewelry. 

One of the most breathtaking ways to customize a halo engagement ring is through different gemstones. Emily Amey’s sapphire engagement rings are particularly stunning, featuring lavender, indigo blue and seafoam green sapphires at the center of the ring, surrounded by diamond cluster halos of different shapes and sizes. Moonstone rings are also inherently unique. The gemstones naturally differ stone to stone, and glow with a subtle rainbow brilliance.

Selecting a colorful center gemstone is one of the many ways to customize your ring to your individual style. Another is choosing a shape and cut that’s perfect for you. Halo engagement rings come in various shapes that you’d see in other types of engagement rings, from cushion, emerald and oval to princess, radiant and cushion.

Emily Amey rings are also created in unique shapes, including hexagon, asscher, emerald, and organic rose cut l shapes. If you’re looking to create a ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind, browse the artistic and creative variations she’s made on the classic engagement ring.

The History of the Halo Engagement Ring

The halo style has withstood the test of time. It first gained popularity in the 1700’s Georgian era, created as a way for jewelers to enhance the look and size of the center stone. It was also reflective of the art and architecture movements happening at the time. The halo engagement rings of the Georgian era often featured colored gemstones in the center as opposed to diamonds.

The halo engagement ring gained modern popularity in the 1920’s, when it saw another resurgence. This era is well known for its embrace of art deco style, glamor and exuberant celebrations, reflected in the celebratory style of the ring. The halo engagement rings of the 1920’s favor the now-popular center diamond, as opposed to colorful gemstones, surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Today, the halo engagement ring is seeing another swell in popularity. It’s one of the most requested styles of engagement ring, second only to the simple solitaire ring design. 

Emily Amey’s halo engagement rings marry the popular aspects of the halo rings from both the 1700’s and the 1920’s. Her rings feature center gemstones of all shapes and colors, surrounded by variations on the popular round halo effect. These rings also embrace the artistry and grace of the Art Deco era, crafted as modern heirlooms with the subtle twinkle of diamonds. 

Why Pick A Halo Engagement Ring

It’s no wonder the halo engagement ring is one of the most popular styles available today. Encircling a center stone with a halo of diamonds adds subtle sparkle and enhances the overall brilliance of the ring. It’s a great choice for those that want to feature a smaller center stone, or ensure that their ring creates a breathtaking impact every time. 

The ability to customize the shape, stone and overall impact of the ring is another alluring quality of the halo. 

The halo engagement ring is timeless. With centuries of popularity and variations, those that select the halo engagement ring know that it will never go out of style.